Our Strategy

Nektan focuses on the European and US markets for its mobile technology solutions, powered by the proprietary Evolve platform, with simple, well established business models in each territory. 

Nektan’s core market is the regulated mobile RMG sector. In the early stages of the Group’s development it has focused specifically on white label casino.

Nektan aims to strengthen its position as the international, B2B mobile platform and gaming provider of choice, recognised for being at the forefront of innovation in mobile gaming and through its revenue share and licensing business model, to generate high operational leverage and high margins. The Group’s strategy is focused on:

  •  Operating, distributing and monetising RMG entertainment for white label partners with access to large online audiences;
  •  Continuing to develop and enhance the Group’s end-to-end platform, including the ability to deploy content across mobile and desktop and to continue innovating content-rich and original gaming products; and
  • Targeting the land based US casino market with in-venue mobile technology by adding a “bolt-on” module or by refurbishing the machines from the estimated 40% of slot machines in the US casino market that are no longer supported by manufacturers.

Nektan simplifies the route to mobile gaming revenues for its partners, managing the full customer experience and back-office operations, allowing the partner solely to focus on marketing the product to its consumers. Net gaming revenue is split between the Group and the partner, with limited technical or integration cost attached to each launch.

Nektan monetises its content and platform through four routes to market: white label implementations, house brands, content licensing and joint ventures.


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