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Nektan’s core market is the regulated mobile real money gaming (RMG) sector. The Group has strategically developed from focusing specifically on white label casinos to a to leveraging its assets, expertise and networks across both North America and Europe. Nektan is an international, B2B mobile platform and gaming provider, recognised for being at the forefront of innovation in mobile gaming. Through its revenue share and licensing business model, Nektan generates high operational leverage and high margins. The Group’s strategy is focused on:

  • Operating, distributing and monetising RMG entertainment for managed casino partners with access to large online audiences;
  • Building software licensing supply partnerships through distributing premium games titles, and licensing its own existing proprietary back office and gaming technology; and
  • Targeting the land based US casino market with regulated digital casino gaming through the deployment of Respin’s Rapid Bingo on-property mobile solution, which is the first bring-your-own-device approved mobile gaming platform with a GLI 547, Class II gaming certification. In addition, the Group’s Rapid Bingo app is the first to be approved by Apple Inc. for mobile in-venue gaming.

Nektan’s operating subsidiary Respin LLC allows the company to offer solutions and services that are fresh, high quality and tangibly different from other suppliers in both Europe and North America, leveraging the strengths, products and assets of both businesses for mutual success.

Nektan continuously updates and upgrades its Evolve back officeto facilitate the casino network’s ongoing growth and geographic expansion. Controlling its product roadmap offers flexibility and the opportunity to differentiate its casino offering from other casinos in a competitive market, which benefits both its casino partners and players alike.



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