Nektan Marketing Services (NMS)


Nektan launched Nektan Marketing Services its turnkey digital marketing division, in partnership with Fred Done (Founder of Betfred, one of the world's largest independent bookmakers) and Warren Jacobs (Managing Director of Active Win Media Ltd). 

NMS provides services for Nektan's partners to acquire new gaming players via all digital acquisition channels including paid search, media buying, management of affiliate networks, social media and search engine optimisation.

Nektan Marketing Services are digital acquisition experts, providing focus, clarity and the confidence to take partners gaming brands to the next level.

The services are tailored to the specific requirements of each of Nektan's individual partners, helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the way customers are acquired and recruited to the partner's mobile casinos that Nektan operates on their behalf. NMS will be fully integrated with Nektan's existing product, customer support, relationship management and data analysis services on the Company's proprietary gaming technology platform, Evolve.


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