Major Shareholders

Directors’ interests in the Company (as at 22 November 2017)

The interests of the Directors, their immediate families and parties connected with them in the share capital of the Company as at 22 November 2017 were as follows:

Shareholder Shares %
Sandeep Reddy 6,431,373 17.8%
Gary Shaw 5,330,168 14.8%
Jim Wilkinson 301,956 0.8%

The number of securities in issue as at 22 November 2017 is 36,035,292.

Significant Other Shareholders

The following individuals and institutions are significant shareholders in the Group:

Shareholder Shares %
Disruptive Tech Limited (DTL) & Disruptive Tech Nektan Holdings Limited (DTNH)* 4,522,032  12.5%
Octopus Investments Limited 3,521,706 9.8%
Nortrust Nominees Limited** 2,727,273 7.6%
MC Technologies Limited 1,483,407 4.1%
John de la Hey (through Cheviot Nominees Limited) 1,166,896 3.2%
Robert Kirkland 1,144,952 3.2%

* DTNH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DTL

** Nortrust Nominees Limited acts as nominee on behalf of Aptus Investment Fund – Aptus Global Financials Fund.  John de la Hey acts as portfolio manager to Aptus Investment Fund – Aptus Global Financials Fund.