AIM Rule 26

The information contained within the section of this website is for the purposes of AIM Rule 26. The details on this page were last updated on 26 April 2018.

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Articles of Association and Other Key Documents

Articles of Association 
Most recent admission document
CLN Subscription Agreement (April 2015)
Non-VCT Loan Note (April 2015)

Circulars Sent to Shareholders

Notice of AGM 2017
Fundraising Circular (July 2017)
Fundraising Circular (January 2017)
Fundraising Circular (March 2016)
Notice of AGM 2016
Notice of EGM March 2016

Ancillary Documents

Warrant instrument – July 2017
Anti-dilution warrant instrument – July 2017

Securities Information

Number of AIM securities in issue: 47,412,602 (as at 22 January 2018)

There are currently no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities.

Percentage of securities not in public hands:

As far as the Company is aware, 26.0% of the Company’s AIM securities is not in public hands (as at 22 January 2018).

The company has also issued £11.1 million of 209p convertible loan notes which are convertible into ordinary shares at a conversion price of 25% premium to the price of the last fund raise which is currently set at 26.25p. Of the £11.1m issued, £10.0m remains outstanding.

In addition to its AIM securities, Nektan has £7,356,691 of 209p convertible loan notes (series A fixed rate secured 2020) admitted to the Official List of the CISE.

Major Shareholders

Company Incorporated Outside the UK

Nektan plc is an incorporated company under Gibraltar law. So the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.